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At MetaCrit Construction, we understand the value of smart partnering.  Our hands-on project management, meticulous and focused leadership, along with fitting the project with the right team are a part of our process in providing professional expertise for your next construction project.  


Through decades of experience, We have developed a foundation of proven procedures and processes which leaves no room for half-efforts or cutting corners.

As specialists in construction management and as builders, we provide the best in both building practices and complete oversight of your project. All aspects of the process will be managed by our on-site superintendent, and our subcontractors are selected for their proven experience and ability to provide quality workmanship per the agreed price and schedule. 


As the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable buildings is ever increasing, we have developed and are continuing to pursue a proactive approach in building the knowledge base and the cadre of sustainable building consultants to ensure that your project meets “green building” goals.

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